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Contract Management System » Features  

  • Add, delete and update contracts
  • Group contracts in categories and subcategories
  • Maintain contract history (renewals and other updates are recorded in history)
  • Add, delete and update following information against each contract:
    • Start and end date
    • Start and end time
    • Amount with currency (choose different currencies in different contracts)
    • Terms
    • Upload documents or provide a document link
    • Notes
  • Application sends following reminders and notifications (via email):
    • 30 days before expiration
    • Reminder: 15 days before expiration
    • Reminder: 7 days before expirationre
    • Reminder: 1 day before expiration
    • Notification: Contract has expiration
    • Reminder: Renew Contract (after it has expired)
    • Notification: When a contract is renewed or updated
      Note: You can choose to remove reminders from the list
  • Set custom reminders - Global for all contracts or individual for each contract
  • Option to renew a contract automatically (upon expiration)
  • Add, delete and update multiple vendors or customers as the other party engaged in your contract. You can do this by simply providing the party’s email address
  • Add, delete and update multiple witnesses against each contract by providing the witness’s email address.
  • Add review notes on contract renewal
  • Have someone manage your contracts for you. You can do this by sharing your application with someone else (Ex: subordinate, manager, colleague etc.)
  • Powerful general search that can search any phrase or keyword in your contracts
  • Filters allow you to see which contracts are expiring in a given day, week, month, or year
  • Reporting section allows you to search and download contracts in CSV format (Opens in MS Excel)
  • Statistics section shows you an overall assessment in numbers
  • You can request new features and we will add them for you!

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