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Avaima is a platform where 3rd party developers build applications. Find the ones you want and use them from within Avaima.com website. Data is stored in the Avaima Cloud.


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The Evolution of Software Applications

Mobile apps, Facebook, twitter and the likes are constantly changing our personal lives. But what about our professional lives? Is there any ground-breaking internet technology that has changed the way we work in our offices? The answer is a clear and resounding NO!

Automating work processes using software is not an easy task because of many reasons. Firstly, software is still used in a very traditional way – businesses buy software and employees use them. This means that automation depends on decisions made by a handful of people. Secondly, software solutions are usually expensive to purchase & maintain, time-consuming to implement and difficult to use. SaaS (Software as a Service) or Internet applications are cheaper options but one needs more than a single application to automate all work processes. Overall, these challenges are overwhelming and can discourage many from automation.

Avaima.com is a unique idea that addresses all these problems. The idea is simple – App Store in Avaima lists software applications built by third-party developers. You can browse these apps and add the ones you like. The applications you add work from Avaima.com website accessible through your username and password – there is no need to download,install or setup anything. All applications utilize similar user interfaces (UIs), standards and work flows which give you a sense of familiarity with each application. Other platform features like app-sharing add richness to your overall experience. Some applications are completely free while others require a nominal monthly subscription.

Beta version of Avaima was recently launched and it is currently in its nascent stage. We need your support to reach our potential and to accomplish the objective to make our lives easier at work. You can contribute by trying applications from our App Store and by telling your family and friends about us.

How it Works

Avaima and third-party developers build applications listed in our App Store. You can browse these applications, add the ones you like and instantly start using them from within Avaima.com website. Adding applications require basic sign up (NO credit card required). We manage your data and your applications and everything is stored on our Cloud servers.

Types of Applications

All kinds of smart applications that can enhance your work. We are currently building general office applications but we will soon launch industry-specific applications that cater to your precise automation requirements. You can use all these applications from a single Avaima.com website and you can add as many as you want.

Who is it for

It is for you if you are looking for an application that can help you automate a given task. We are constantly building applications to cater general tasks that we all perform on a daily basis at work, in school or at home.


Every application has a different subscription plan. Many applications are FREE while others require subscription at prices starting as low $0.99/month only.

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About Avaima

Avaima is a platform where 3rd party developers build applications.

Find the ones you want and use them from within Avaima.com website. Data is stored in the Avaima Cloud.

NO setup, NO downloads, NO installation, NO maintenance

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