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Web-Based Cloud Applications

Web Application development has never been this easy!
Avaima is a platform where you can build custom software applications and launch them as products. Your products instantly become part of Avaima App Store and work from within Avaima.com website. You don't have to worry about building sign up process, payment module, server configuration & management or even marketing. Listing in the App Store means that all visitors and existing customers will see your application on our homepage and they can subscribe and add your application and start using it instantly!

Following are many ways in which you can partner with us to build software applications:

  • Software Development - If you are an ASP.NET, C# developer then you can simply sign up for the App builder and start building the application. You can build the application the way you do and simply upload it through our file manager and you are ready to launch your application in our App store!

  • Build your application by hiring a developer through us - You can hire a developer through us and get your software application made. Your developer will work from our office and under our supervision.

    : $699 / month only! 

    This price includes:
    • One dedicated programmer with the ability to code in ASP.NET, C# and MSSQL
    • FREE consultancy to help you with software development
    • We provide you with software tools to manage your work-relationship with your resources
    • You get daily progress reports from each resource
    • Access to developers computer so you can monitor the work activities
    • We ensure continuity of work and discipline
    • There are no hidden charges or overheads
    • We offer you the highly capable resource for your project and we help you decide what you need
    • Your developer will work in an environment with a wide range of other developers who can help and assist him
    • Your developer will work under the supervision of our senior developers and consultants to build your application.
    • You can hire a programmer for as much time as you want in a multiple of months
    • You can choose to provide us with the basic information of your idea and we will build the complete application for you. We have an expert team of software consultants capable of building advance applications with least amount of information
    • Your developer will build the application in 25% the time it traditionally takes to develop a standalone software application. Additionally, your application inherits the powerful features of the Avaima platform making it extremely powerful and feature-rich

  • We build the software application for you - Tell us what you want and we will build the application for you. We will only charge you consultation fee and you will have the software application you want. We will give you free updates and will entertain your requests for new features for free

  • Software companies - If you represent a software company then you might want your desktop software converted to internet applications, develop custom software for your customers or create a new idea from scratch. You can do all this on Avaima at a very fast pace and in a very cost-effective manner.

An application the size and scope of "Contract Management" can be built within 2 months using a single developer only. In the 3rd month it will be in the app store being purchased by customers. For $5/month, it can be an instant return within a couple of months only!

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About Avaima

Avaima is a platform where 3rd party developers build applications.

Find the ones you want and use them from within Avaima.com website. Data is stored in the Avaima Cloud.

NO setup, NO downloads, NO installation, NO maintenance

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