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How Avaima Works

Third-party developers build applications that are listed in the Avaima app store. You can browse these applications and use the ones you like. Applications are NOT downloaded or installed; instead, you sign in to a restricted control panel to get access to them. The applications along with the data are stored on the cloud. You can choose to add as many applications as you want. Some applications are free while others require subscription starting as low as $0.99 / month.

Steps – How to use applications

Follow these steps to begin using the applications:

  • Choose an application from our app store
  • Add the application (see image below) and you will be asked to sign up. Follow instructions and complete the simple sign up process
  • After successfully signing up, sign in to your control panel using with your username/email, password
  • The application you added appears in the left menu of the control panel. Click the application in the menu and start using the application.
    Note: All applications (you add) get listed in the left menu of your control panel
  • All further instructions for an application can be found in the “Help” section of the app menu

NOTE: Members can add an application from the control panel. To do this, click on “App Store” in the left menu. From this point onwards the process is very similar to what is mentioned above except that you don’t require signing up again.

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About Avaima

Avaima is a platform where 3rd party developers build applications.

Find the ones you want and use them from within Avaima.com website. Data is stored in the Avaima Cloud.

NO setup, NO downloads, NO installation, NO maintenance

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