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  • Build your own ERP
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Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Applications

    Use multiple apps from within Avaima.com website. Everyone needs more than one application in order to automate their work processes. Avaima lets you do this through a single user account. Sign in to access all your applications through a single control panel. Just select an application to navigate from one application to another. You can add as many applications as you want.
  • Standardization

    All applications are easy to use because they follow similar standards, similar workflow and offer the same UI (User Interface). If you are comfortable with one application you will be comfortable with the rest.
  • Instantiation

    Use a single user account and a single application to manage data of different clients or businesses. Avaima calls this feature instantiation. An instance can be seen as 1 copy of an application. The user can create as many copies or instances (of an application) as she wants. The data of one instance is completely separate (mutually exclusive) from the data of another instance. An easy UI (User Interface) allows navigation between instances. Every application in Avaima offers this feature.

    Use Case:
    A consultant provides a given service to 10 different customers and uses Avaima to manage data of all these customers. Data of one customer has nothing to do with the data of the other customer and the consultant uses an Avaima application to manage each customer’s data. In order to successfully do this, the consultant uses instances to manage distinct data of each one of the customers. Customers never see data of one another. The consultant uses instance menu to quickly navigate from one instance to another. Reporting and all other features are also based on individual instances.
  • Application Ownership

    Every application in Avaima has an ownership. If you add an application then you are the owner of that application. At any time, you can decide to transfer the ownership to someone else. Ownership can be transferred by simply providing Avaima with the transferee’s email address. Note: Each instance has a separate ownership. In case you have two or more instances you can decide to separately transfer ownership of each one of the instances.
  • Use Cases:
    • A consultant can add and setup the application and then enter data for you. When everything is ready, the consultant can hand over the ownership to you. From this point onward you can use your personal resources to manage the application and successfully take away all rights from the previous owner (the consultant.)
    • If you decide to sell your business you can hand over the application instantly by transferring the ownership of all applications
  • Application Sharing

    Every application in Avaima can be shared. There is no limit on sharing which means that you can share your application with as many people as you want. Avaima also makes sharing very simple. All you need is an email address of beneficiary and Avaima will take care of the rest. In the process, you never share your login/access information with the beneficiary. They will use their own login information so you can maintain complete privacy of your account. While sharing an application, you can also utilize the option to allow the beneficiary to further share the application with other people.
  • Contact Management

    You will add contacts as you feed data into your applications. These contacts are valuable because you need the latest information in order to stay in touch. We send emails to your contacts every 6 months and request latest information from them. If their email, phone or address has changed then we take the initiative to update that information for you. A centralized contact database allows Avaima to give you the latest information of your valuable business contacts.
  • Your Network

    Most application include data of someone other than yourself. As you use Avaima applications we will help you define your relationship with these users. Hence we build a network for you and free applications like ‘Vendor Management’ and ‘Customer Management’ use this data to further automate your work activities. Other applications like ‘Newsletter System’ and ’Notification System’ can further organize your work by utilizing data from your network
  • Automatic Updates

    Having applications on internet means that you will get timely updates without any disruption in service. Avaima will be introducing many new features that will constantly become a part of your account

Benefits of using Apps on Avaima

  • Use FREE applications with FREE sign up – no credit card required
  • No setup cost – All applications are preconfigured on Avaima server. You don’t have to worry about downloading and/or installing anything nor do you have to worry about backups, storage capacity or other overheads associated in traditional software setup
  • Add as many applications as you want and use them from a single user account
  • All applications follow similar standards and UI (User Interface) so every application gives you a sense of familiarity
  • Find industry-specific applications that cater to your specific business needs
  • Every application comes with features like instantiation (see features for details), sharing, ownership and much more
  • Automatic updates in features and applications that will not disrupt your work in anyway

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About Avaima

Avaima is a platform where 3rd party developers build applications.

Find the ones you want and use them from within Avaima.com website. Data is stored in the Avaima Cloud.

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