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There are many benefits of building software applications on Avaima.com app store. Some benefits are listed below:
  • By following simple app-development guidelines your application will inherit powerful features of the Avaima platform empowering you to resell the same application to numerous customers on subscription basis
  • Build application in less than 25% the time (Accelerated software development) it traditionally takes to build a stand-alone application. Following are some reasons why:
    • You don’t have to create any UI’s
    • You can launch app without ever creating a website – you will get a dedicated portion in App Store where you can post all the content for your app
    • No need to create a billing system
    • No need to purchase hosting
    • No management of hardware of any kind. The cloud ensures unlimited scaling as your customers grow
    • Pre-built API’s and controls accelerate app building and gives richness to your app
    • The application automatically inherits features like sharing and ownership from the platform
  • Your application becomes instantly available to all AVAIMA members and visitors
  • All apps are managed from a single user account
  • Marketing campaigns by AVAIMA augment sales of your application
  • We work day and night to bring traffic to our app store and your application will appear in this app store
  • Application Suite – launch a set of applications that work together with each other
  • Deliver quality apps because you have to concentrate solely on your application itself
  • Target any kind of market/industry – industry specific applications are fast gaining traction. Build these applications on Avaima
  • If you already have a desktop application or an internet application then you can quickly launch it on Avaima
  • Cloud computing technology will cater horizontal and vertical scaling of application and its data
  • Customers can sign up and instantly use your application
  • Build your custom applications on Avaima and then sell them to other customers
  • Avaima offers a very simple and easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) for building websites. Third-party-developers can launch widgets for the CMS thus allowing you to offer widgets with your apps
  • Build your own product pages on Avaima.com. Your application gets a space on Avaima.com website where the visitors can find all information related to your software application. You can create as many pages as you want, upload images, videos and much more

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Third-part-developers build enterprise-level apps that are listed in the Avaima App Store. You select and add the ones you like and you can manage all apps from a single user account. Sign up and many apps are completely FREE!

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