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LogoNo downloads, setup or installation required in order to use this software application.
  • No hardware or machine required
  • No limit on the number of workers you can add
  • Record clock-in time
  • Record over-time & under-time
  • Comprehensive statistics
This FREE software application is designed to track time and attendance of your employees in the simplest possible way. Add employees and the software application takes care of the rest. It emails the employee and tells them to sign up. Once signed-up, they sign-in to use the application to clock-in. Being the owner of the software application you automatically become a super-admin and you can view the status and history of all your employees. You can create other admins and super-admins for administration on your behalf. Additionally, IP address, machine name and key is recorded so you can authenticate the clock-ins. Various other features makes this application a must-have for your office!

This is for you if want to:

  • Monitor time & attendance of your employees
  • Record working hours of your employees
  • Record over-time
  • Record under-time
  • See who has not met his quota of time
  • Keep track of absences of each employee
  • Enforce punctuality in your office
  • Record specific clock-in / clock-out data of employees
  • See who comes late or monitor punctuality of employees


  • Check the performance of employees by looking at their statistics
  • Find out who is punctual and who is not - with authentic data as proof
  • Keep track of over-time, under-time and absences of each one of your worker/employee
  • Even one minute of late clock-in gets recorded as under-time and the aggregate under-time of the year ensures that you get your money's worth
  • You feed the software application with time each employee should work. The application then tells you weekly/monthly/yearly hours that the employee should have worked versus how much the employee actually worked
  • Request a new feature for FREE!
    Tell us what feature you want and we will add it for you

How it Works

  • Start by adding this software application by clicking the ADD APPLICATION button. Follow the process which requires FREE sign up
  • Once you have successfully signed up, login to your Avaima account
  • Once signed in, find and click Time & Attendance in the left menu
  • Add an employee by simply providing name and email address. The application then sends an email to the employee with instructions to sign up. Once the employee signs up, they can then sign in, click on Time & Attendance and Clock-In/Out using their respective user accounts. The employees only see their profile whereas the admin can see everyone in a grid format

Salient Features

  • Add employees by simply providing his/her email address. The system then emails the employee along with instructions on how to use it. There is no restriction on the number of employees you can add
  • Add departments and sub-departments and designate an admin for each department
  • Every employee clocks-in at the start of the day and clocks-out at the end of the day
  • If the start time is 8AM and the a given employee clocks-in late at 8:15 AM then 15 minutes automatically get recorded as under-time
  • Administrators get email notifications for employees that come late
  • The extra time spent by an employee can be manually recorded as over-time 
    NOTE: This feature has been replaced by time-editing feature in the latest version. The concept of over-time and under-time has been removed.
  • The admin can see the status of each employee from the dashboard
  • Add IP address in global settings (optional). This ip address is matched with sign-in IP address to verify if the person clocked-in from the office or not
  • Add multiple locations in global settings (optional). Your employees can select the relevant location while clocking-in. This is helpful in case you have multiple sites or you allow your employees to work from home
  • Define break hours in global settings (optional). You can add multiple breaks for a given day and define different break hours for each day of the week.
  • Define holidays in global settings so you have an accurate record of activities of your employees
  • Each employee can view his/her history of every day. Admin can view history of each employee
  • Advance editing options for admin. Employee can only clock-in/out and utilize his/her break time in working hours
  • Employees can request absences in advance using the Advance Absence option

Use Cases

  • You want to monitor the Clock-In/Out time of employees in your office. You can use this web-based application to do this effectively
  • You want to know who (in your office) is absent and when. You can use this software application to keep the records
  • You want to see who starts late and how frequently. You can use reporting section of this application to identify latecomers
  • You can use this application to record over-time of each one of your employees. Over-time accumulates for a given year
  • You can use this application to record under-time of each one of your employees. Under-time accumulates for a given year

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