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IDEA: Accounting Software for Small Businesses

A very simple and user-friendly accounting software application that allows you to record your financial transactions. One form lets you record cash flow into your business and the other lets you record cash flow out of your business. The rest is just reports and statistics.

Owners and operators of small businesses are very busy people. They spend their time in managing many different activities and at time managing their accounts as well. Their accounting work can greatly benefit from a software application given the application is designed for someone who is not professionaly trained in accounting principles and given that the application is easy enough so it does not become a burden in itself. Another important consideration for a small business owner is the price of the software and the overheads that might come with it. We at Avaima understand these things very well as our aim is to focus on small and medium sized businesses. We

Who is this for?

  • Owners and operators of small businesses
  • People who are not professionally trained in accounting principles

Salient Features

  • A form to add cash flow into the business
  • A form to record cash flows out of the business

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