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Custom Software Development

Get a software made for as low as $299 only!
Simultaneously, sell the same software to others without any extra efforts or investment.

  • Productivity Applications
  • General Business Applications
  • Small Business Applications
  • Industry Specific Applications
  • Business Tools
  • Management Software

How it Works

  • Tell us your requirement or idea – Experts at Avaima will analyze your requirements and propose a solution along with cost and completion time. We don't need elaborate documentation or requirements from you. A brief idea is a good starting points for us.

  • 25% advance payment required to start work.
    Payment method: Paypal

  • A project manager is assigned to your work who communicates with you on a daily basis and the work starts.

  • Software applications are built on the Avaima.com platform which uses Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing servers. Using this platform we can build an application in 25% the time it takes to develop the same application in the traditional way. Avaima.com currently supports ASP.NET, C# programming languages only. We are working on support for additional programming languages including PHP.

  • The application is built using Avaima App Builder; access of which is granted to you. You can see the progress of your work on a daily basis by accessing your App Builder. App builder gives you access to your software files (including source files), database and everything else that your software uses.

  • Once the application is complete, it is posted in Avaima App Store on the homepage. All visitors on Avaima can see your application, add it and use it (on subscription) like any other software application on Avaima and everyone accesses the same copy of your software application. Any updates made in the software will become available to all users. Details of your earning from subscriptions are mentioned in one of the points below.

    : Our SEO team analyzes your software requirements right in the beginning and creates your page so the SEO starts from day one. By doing this we ensure that Google search indexes your software homepage long before the application itself is launched.

  • The next phase of marketing & sales begin. After your software application is launched, our SEO team works on your software homepage and sub-pages to increase traffic and sales.

  • At any time you can access your App Builder it to view the following statistics:
    • Number of visits on different web pages of your software application
    • Total number of sign-ups for your application
    • Total number of paid customers

  • You get 50% of revenue from each sale and you receive your total monthly payments (15th of every month) on your Paypal ID you provide us.

  • You are the owner of the software application and all the files developed for your particular software application.

Use Cases

  • You need a custom software for your own use. Get it made on Avaima and use it for yourself and sell the same software to others. You get to use your software and make money from it also.
  • As a consultant you can build a software applications for your customers using the consultation fee you charge them. You become owner of the software and you can sell it to others.
  • You can invest in a software idea. You can choose one of the ideas on our homepage or suggest your own.

You can talk to us on Skype ID: AVAIMA (Available 24/7).
You can also email us at info@avaima.com or fill out the form below:

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Get software made for as low as $299 only

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Avaima is a platform where 3rd party developers build applications.

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