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IDEA: Maintenance Management Software

Use this application to track and maintain office equipment, hardware and other supplies that require maintenance. The application allows you to manage preventive and corrective maintenance making your administration easy and efficient.

Salient Features

  • Add/delete/update maintenance item with details. Each item gets reminders for maintenance on a timely basis
  • Against each maintenance item, add custom multiple maintenance reminders
  • Group items into categories and subcategories
  • Custom reminder settings for each category
  • Manually add (or force) an item in maintenance
  • A list showing required maintenance items with details. An item from the list can be manually removed when the maintenance is complete
  • Notes, documents, and other features can be added against each item
  • Share the application with your peers

This application is cloud-based which means you will have global access and zero-maintenance on your end. No downloads, installation or setups are required. 


  • FREE for 10 maintenance items
  • $5 for up to 500 maintenance items
  • $10 for up to 1,000 maintenance items
  • $15 for up to 2,000 maintenance items
  • $20 for up to 5,000 maintenance items

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