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Subscription Terms

Last Updated: September 02, 2013

Some applications on Avaima.com require subscription. By purchasing a subscription you signify that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the Subscription Terms in effect at the time of your purchase. Your purchases through Avaima.com's website and your use of Avaima.com's service are also governed by Avaima.com's terms of service (which are incorporated by reference in these subscription terms).

Except as otherwise stated, these Subscription Terms are subject to change at any time and in Avaima.com's sole discretion. Any changes are effective one (1) week after we post such revised Subscription Terms to our website (indicated by revising the date at the top of these Subscription Terms), or upon your acceptance if we provide a mechanism for your immediate acceptance of the revised Subscription Terms (such as a click-through confirmation or acceptance button). It is your responsibility to check the website regularly for changes to these Subscription Terms. If you do not agree to these Subscription Terms, please do not purchase a subscription. If you have any questions regarding these Subscription Terms, please contact Avaima.com by emailing support@avaima.com.


In order to purchase a subscription, you must set up a registered account with Avaima.com. You will provide accurate and complete information in your Avaima.com user account at all times, including, but not limited to, your billing address, email address, telephone number, a valid credit card number or other account number, and the credit card expiration date. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of, and restricting access to, your account, username and password.


All prices are shown in U.S. dollars. While we have the right to change the prices at any time, the prices associated with your subscription will become effective subject to the renewal provisions below.


Avaima.com accepts payment via PayPal. In order to pay with PayPal, You must have an account with PayPal. When You select PayPal to make payments, the transaction is re-directed from Avaima.com site to PayPal's payment site. When PayPal is used, Your financial information is not shared with Avaima.com. Once directed to PayPal's site, PayPal is charged with protecting Your personal and financial information. Your PayPal account and any activities related thereto shall be subject to PayPal's terms and conditions and any information provided to PayPal in relation thereto will be governed by PayPal's privacy policy. Once payment is complete via PayPal, PayPal will email a receipt for this transaction. Avaima.com reserves the right to request proof of identity from any PayPal member.


Fraudulent charges to a PayPal account are not covered by Avaima.com. If you notice any charge on your PayPal account that you did not authorize, report this in the PayPal Security Center. Fraudulent charges made through your PayPal account should be resolved with PayPal.


You may terminate or suspend your account by e-mailing support@avaima.com. However, there are no refunds, except as provided in these Subscription Terms or as required by law. You understand that charges for the Service must be paid in advance.


At the expiration of your subscription, PayPal will automatically renew your subscription for an additional service term equal to the length of time of your original subscription, and you will be automatically billed by PalPayl at the end of your term if your subscription is still active. You can, however, cancel your subscription at any time from within your PayPal control panel.


You are responsible for any taxes that you are obligated to pay or that Avaima.com may collect from you in connection with your purchase. If you do not pay the sales or other taxes or fees on a transaction, you will be responsible for the taxes or fees in the event they are later determined to be payable on the sale, and Avaima.com reserves the right to collect the taxes or other fees from you at any time.

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